Emami Fair & And Handsome Fairness Cream For Men 60 Gm by Emami

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Emami Fair & Handsome Fairness Cream For Men by Emami 60 gm


Clippen Fair and handsome Fairness Cream for men 60 Gram Emami, in Collaboration with activor Corp, USA, Herbalists and DERMATOLOGISTS from India has created a unique Fairness Cream for men with a breakthrough Five Power Fairness System to make Skin Fair and handsome in 4 weeks. It also helps in Relieving Stress and Fatigue signs – gives Men ’s Tough Skin A Firmer Look. Clippen Fair and handsome World ’s no.1 Fairness Cream Protects Men ’s Face from Sun‘ s UV rays. Specially Formulated for Men AD Improved for fairer Skin smoothness and texture. Developed by Emami with activor Corp, USA, it Regulate Melanin production to enhance Fairness and makes Skin Firmer and younger. Helps to protect Skin Against pollution and dark Shadows caused by Daily Shave, Nicks & cuts. Herbs like Vetiver, mint etc. Makes Skin Fair and fresh with a pleasant Cooling Sensation. The double-strength Peptide Complex Activated Unique 5 Power Fairness System with hydra-comfort